About Us and Services

We do head-shots, full body photos, and all types of photo-shoots!


Something about Kamilla:

Kamilla Lanae is the CEO of Strike A Pose Productions & Talent Agency. Young Entrepreneur, you may know her from many of the major Fashion Shows she's had. Movies, TV shows and even Commercials you may have seen her in!

She's decided to Write, Act In, Direct and Produce her movie "The Adopted One".

She loves her career and loves helping people make their dreams come true!


Music Video Filming

Are you a musician who wants to get into making amazing music videos for your label? Do you want to see increased sales for your records, CDs, tracks, or merch? Then today's the day to call our promotion service and ask about our music video filming. We work with some of the best videographers in the business to create effective music videos that will sell your albums, support your brand, and make you a known name in the industry. Many of our clients point to our video work as being key to their success and we can help you too. To get started, give us a call today.

Short Films

Do you have an amazing script for a short film but need the right videographer to make it come to life? Then call our promoters today for our help with recording your short films. We work with many directors who have created amazing short films that have been enjoyed online, in festivals, or in competitions. The secret lies in our training, background, and experience in creating effective shots that capture your audience, spurs the imagination, and gets fans talking. We have already helped many directors before and would be happy to help you too. To get started, give us a call today.

TV Show Filming

Whether you are filming before a live audience or recording a show for later publishing, you want the very best videography work to make your tv show shine. That's where we come in with our tv show filming service. We have some of the best-trained camera crews in the industry who will catch the shots that you need and record exactly as the director demands so that you can have an impressive show that will bring in new fans with every airing. It doesn't matter if you're producing a comedy, drama, talk show, or more, when you need quality filming and editing work, you can count on us.

Movie Filming

Whether you are producing an independent film darling or a Hollywood blockbuster, when you need quality filming work done right, you can count on us. We are skilled and experienced videographers who will catch the shots you need to make your movie magic shine. We have worked with several directors already who point to our camera work as being absolutely key for creating emotionally moving scenes, easy to follow action shots, or laugh out loud skits and bits. It doesn't matter what kind of genre you are producing when you want quality filming work, you can count on us. Call today and tell us how we can begin.

We represent talented Talent. Check out "Our Talent" page for more information.

Advertising Agency Services

We are also an advertising agency so can manage all your promotion needs. Whether you need a PR campaign devised and actioned, a promotional film or video produced and distributed, we can take care of all the elements, raising the visibility of your product or business. Don't hesitate to contact us today to find out how we can help you with all your promotional requirements.